The legal sector is evolving

With KYOCERA, you can make sure your document solutions are ready

The workflow, life and trail of a document are more mobile than ever. Now, with legislation increasing the digitisation of document management across soliciting, paralegal, insolvency, civil rights, banking, commercial, corporate, environmental, property and finance sectors, the legal sector is having to evolve and become increasingly sophisticated.

When it comes to elements like photocopying, printing and filing, organisations are over spending. Up to 60% of legal professionals we asked admit to not having made tangible savings with their own document management - some didn’t even know they could. And now, with handheld devices used seven days a week, more organisations are investing in smarter, more efficient technologies with one eye firmly on their environmental impact.

Explore the KYOCERA products that will help you best optimise your document workflow.


Smarter technology, increased security

Why you need KYOCERA to maximise your efficiency gains

Increased digitisation and mobility should not compromise the security of your data and documents.

Using KYOCERA's smarter technology will mean your data and documents will be more secure than ever. Our award-winning technologies work alongside best-in-breed software and bespoke applications to help you avoid losing valuable data and prevent unauthorised access. You can also ensure confidential documents don’t end up in the wrong hands, limit device access to particular users and departments and clearly identify key users.